Aggies First Spotlight: October


The Old Army Gentlemen’s Society would like to honor member Kyle Meurer with the October Aggies First spotlight. The Aggies First spotlight is a monthly award given to members of OL’ AGS who truly embodies our motto of “Aggies First, Gentlemen Always” through service to Texas A&M.

Kyle is currently serving as the Development Commissioner for the Student Government Association (SGA) executive cabinet. He is essentially in charge of the fundraising branch of the student government. His job is to lead the campaign to fully fund the SGA endowment through the Texas A&M University System that is meant to financially sustain SGA and it's various committees, such as The Big Event and Muster, into the future. Kyle hopes that through his efforts, many of the committee's membership fees and other miscellaneous fees will be abolished, to further encourage student participation.

During his tenure at Texas A&M, Kyle has also served as the Corps of Cadets' Public Relations Sergeant, a Fish Camp counselor, a member of MSC LEAD, and much more. Finally, Kyle is seeking his degree in Finance.

We are very proud of all that members like Kyle have accomplished and their leadership at Texas A&M! Congratulations Kyle!