Aggies First Spotlight: June

FLOs Are Dope

The Old Army Gentlemen’s Society would like to honor the members Braxton McCoy, Sam Bates, and Zach Janda with the June Aggies First spotlight. The Aggies First spotlight is a monthly award given to members of OL’ AGS who truly embodies our motto of “Aggies First, Gentlemen Always” through service to Texas A&M.

These men are currently serving as the directors of their respective FLOs. FLO stands for Freshmen Leadership Organization, and at Texas A&M these organizations help build leaders from the freshmen class.  These freshmen are often exposed to leadership responsibilities early on in their tenure, by organizing social/service events, raising money for their respective philanthropies, or even offering other professional opportunities. Braxton McCoy currently serves as the head director of Freshmen Leaders in Progress (FLiP), Sam Bates currently serves as a co-chair for Progressively Reaching Excellence in Professionalism (PREP), and Zach Janda currently serves as an executive director for Freshmen Organizing and Running Mixed Events (FORME).

Outside of involvement, Braxton and Sam are pursuing a degree in business, and Zach is pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. 

We are very proud of all that our members like these men have accomplished and their leadership at Texas A&M! Congratulations Braxton, Sam, and Zach!