Aggies First Spotlight: July

Mike Duncan '18

The Old Army Gentlemen’s Society would like to honor member Mike Duncan with the July Aggies First spotlight. The Aggies First spotlight is a monthly award given to a member of OL’ AGS who truly embodies our motto of “Aggies First, Gentlemen Always” through service to Texas A&M.

Mike is currently serving as the chair for an organization called MSC Bethancourt. This organization's goal is to help their members develop a broad and multifaceted perspective on key issues in a dynamic environment that are essential to lifelong learning and success. MSC Bethancourt has put on many events for students, such as inviting Nate Silver to come to campus, and talk about strengths and weaknesses of big data technology and its ultimate usefulness in the business world. The organziation has also taken trips to companies to gain their perspective on issues, like visiting Blue Bell to talk about crisis management and visiting NASA to discuss the Challenger Explosion. Mike plays a key role in making sure all these events run smoothly, and ensuring that MSC Bethancourt is run smoothly internally.

Besides MSC Bethancourt, Mike also is a member of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, a member of the Freudian Slip improvisation comedy group, a member of Horizons, and is studying Finance.

We are very proud of all that members like Mike have accomplished and their leadership at Texas A&M! Congratulations Mike!